Sand Filters

Sand filters are another popular type of filtration system. They are easy to operate and maintain. The water is pushed through a bed of sand, allowing the dirt and debris to be filtered out. Inside the tank there is an underdrain, and several laterals. It is important to only use the correctly sized silica sand of extreme purity or Zeo Brite. Not to backwash the filter too often, a dirty filter will remove finer particles than a clean filter, up to a point.

Brite Sand, It is a pure, natural mineral whose unique honeycomb structure, coarse and extremely high surface area makes for the best filter media. Better than sand, DE like quality, fewer backwashes, a 25 lb bag replaces 50 lb of sand.

Sharp edges on the silica sand separate the dirt and other unwanted particles from the water passing through. One drawback to silica sand is that it allows fine particles to pass through the sand bed and not be removed from the water. Then you need to use a something to make the particles get trapped in the sand bed to be backwashed out.  those sharp edges wear down, leaving rounded corners that will not catch as much dirt, so the sand will need to be replaced every 1 to 3 years depending on the size of the pool and the amount of sand inside the filter.