Aboveground Pool Packages and Installation

Pools come with:

  • Wide Mouth Skimmer96340
  • Return Fitting96301
  • Skim Vac
  • Directional Flow96760
  • Pool Cove
  • Unibead Liner *48″ Reprieve pool comes with an overlap liner

Pool Package Includes:

  • Easy Clean DE Filter System with HP Pump
  • A-Frame Ladder
  • Test StripsAG_Ladder_5_1
  • Telescope Pole
  • Skim net
  • Thermometer
  • Wall Brush
  • Vacuum Head
  • Vacuum Hose
  • Filter Hoses, Fittings & Clamps
  • Solar Cover
  • Winter Cover
  • Cover Loc Strips – to hold the winter cover in place

Please Note: 30′ & 33′ Pools have an upgraded equipment package do to the amount of water in these pools. They have a larger filter and pump, an extra return, and 2 Main Drains.

Installation of Pool

  • Swim Rite employee’s will be doing the installation, we do NOT use subcontractors’
  • Labor to remove the Sod & Dirt up to 3″ to level the pool (Extra dirt removal is done at the rate of $50 per inch)
  • Erecting of the pool
  • Installation of the Liner
  • Connection of the filter equipment
  • Explanation of the operation of the equipment
  • ALL sod and soil that is removed is the responsibility of the home owner

A water sample needs to be taken into Swim Rite for the water to be tested. Swim Rite will explain how to take care of the water.

Additional Items

  • Automatic CleanerKreepy Krauly LilShark Aboveground Pool Cleaner
  • Main Drain (keeps the pool cleaner & better circulation)
  • Chlorinator
  • Brominator Image for H-Series Induced Draft Natural Gas from Hayward Residential and Commercial Pool Products
  • Pool RX
  • Solar Reel
  • Heater – Propane or Natural Gas, Solar PanelZoomerang
  • Zoomerang Slide
  • Steps instead of ladder
  • Lights
  • Fencing